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Shared Folders Module

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All Users

Add a Subfolder to a Shared Folder

Delete a File from a Folder

Download Files and Shared Folders

Move a File Between Shared Folders

Notify Users of a Change to a Shared Folder

Rename a File

Send Shared Folder Files to External Users

Sharing BIM and CAD Files

Upload Files to Shared Folders

Use Shared Folders to Distribute Bid Documents

View the Shared Folders Activity Log

Project Administrators

You must be a Project Administrator to perform the following tasks:

Add a Shared Folder

Delete a Shared Folder

Edit a Shared Folder

Set Access Permissions for Shared Folders

More Information

Acceptable File Types and Sizes for Uploading

Can Files within Shared Folders be Cross Referenced?

File Size Limits for Shared Folders

Project Folders vs. Personal Folders

Shared Folders Module Page

Upload Large Files to Shared Folders

Where Should Construction Documents be Uploaded?