Where Should Construction Documents be Uploaded?

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7 months ago

Where Should Construction Documents be Uploaded?

At the beginning of a project it may be necessary to upload the construction documents so all users on the project have access to this information. There are two options for uploading the construction documents to a project.

The recommended option is to issue the PDFs as a design phase package. From the Design/Bid Packages module click Add Package and select the document type.

If the document type you need is not available, a Project Administrator will need to add it to the system.

The advantage of this option is that the documents can be easily uploaded and, if the set is broken out into individual drawing sheet PDFs, the drawing package can be cross referenced back to the Sheet Index. If changes are made to the documents, such as an addendum, you will want to issue them under a separate drawing package.

Alternate Option

An alternate option is to upload the documents to the Shared Folders module. This is not recommended because it does not use any of the software features (index linking, distribution features, etc.). Although it is not desirable, it is possible.

If uploading to the shared folders, it is recommended that a Project Administrator create a shared folder called Construction Documents. Set the access permission to read-only so users cannot edit the data. Upload the files to the shared folder.