Track LEED Submittals

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5 months ago

Track LEED Submittals

LEED submittals can be tracked in one of two ways:

By creating a LEED submittal type or

By creating a LEED custom category.

Both options are performed on the Submittals Module Configuration page.

You must be a Project Administrator to access the Module Configuration page.

When a submittal is added to the system, select LEED as either the Submittal Type or Category. The LEED option is not available until the custom type or category is created.

To create a LEED Submittal log

Select Submittal Logs >Create a Custom Log from the right navigation panel of the Submittals module.

Select LEED from the Submittal Type or Category list.

This option will only be available if it has been added by a Project Administrator.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and enter LEED Submittals as the Display Name.

Click Save as Custom Log to save the log.

For more information on creating custom logs, please see Create a Custom Log.