Shared Folder Setup Guidelines

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6 months ago

Shared Folder Setup Guidelines

Follow these guidelines to ensure your project is successful from the first submittal to the final archive!


What: Create folders you want others to see under the main Project folder.

Why: Folders created under the main Project folder can be shared with other users. Anything created under your user folder can only be seen by you.


What: Grant users access to the folder.

Why: Users can only work in folders they’ve been granted access to. To set permissions, right click on the root (blue) folder and select Edit Permission Settings. For more details, see Add a Shared Folder.


What: Avoid lengthy folder and file names. Total file path cannot exceed 255 characters. The file path is a combination of folder, subfolder, and file names.

Why: File paths greater than 255 characters cannot be archived. Folder and file names longer than 30 characters are trimmed to a 30 character limit when the project is archived.


What: Avoid special characters in folder and file names, including:

– Double quotes

* – Asterisk

: – Colon

< – Lesser than

> – Greater than

\ – Back slash

/ – Front slash

| – Pipe

? – Question mark

Why: These characters cannot be used in folder and file names.