Owner Read Only vs Owner Reviewer_ Project Administrator Owner Roles for Submittals

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6 months ago

Owner (Read-Only) vs. Owner Reviewer/Project Administrator (Owner) Roles for Submittals

The Owner (Read-Only) role should be used for users who want to download information but do not need to participate in submittal reviews.

The Owner Reviewer and Project Administrator (Owner) roles should be used for users that need to participate in the submittal review. The Owner Reviewer is invited to a submittal by the architect or design team leader from the forward submittal action. The contractor cannot send the submittal directly to the Owner Reviewer.

The response from the Owner Reviewer must also go through the architect or design team leader for coordination purposes.

The term Owner Reviewer is the default name used in a new project. Project Teams may prefer to use the term Owner Representative instead. Click here to learn about editing the user role display names.