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5 months ago

User is No Longer Receiving Notifications

Within the Project Team module and when selecting users for notifications, the envelope icon next to a user’s name indicates that the ConstructEx servers have received a number of bounce-backs or undeliverable emails for that user and the system is no longer sending them notifications. This is typically an indication that one of the following is true:

The user’s email address is incorrect

The user’s email box is full, and their server is not accepting new messages

The user’s email server is not set up to accept Newforma ConstructEx emails (refer to Email Spam Filter Issues for additional information)

In order to start receiving emails again, the user should rectify the issue, then proceed to the My Profile page and select Save. Even if they have not made adjustments to their profile, the act of saving notifies the database to attempt email delivery for future items. If the issue is not resolved, the envelope icon reappears after three notifications have bounced back.

The icon relates to email notifications only – users still have the ability to use the live site as they did before.