Cover/Stamp Sheet is not Adding to PDF

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7 months ago

Cover/Stamp Sheet is not Adding to PDF

If the cover/stamp sheet function is enabled it automatically adds a cover to the front of each PDF that is uploaded. There are times where the software is unable to add a cover. This is caused by the properties of the PDF being uploaded.

Make sure the PDF is not a PDF package and is also not protected or password protected within Adobe Acrobat, Bluebeam or your PDF editing software. This blocks the software from merging the cover. Within Adobe Acrobat go to the Edit menu and select Protection to verify the settings.

In some cases, even if the PDF is unprotected, the cover may still not be added. In those cases, there is a formatting issue within the PDF and the software that adds the cover sheet is unable to add it. PDFs come from such an enormous array of programs that is not efficient to try to determine the exact problem in this scenario. For perspective, it is one of many thousands of PDFs that are uploaded and very few of them have problems.

If you absolutely require the submittal to have a cover, a few options are available:

The submitter should print it out, scan it, and attach it – in most cases, this alleviates the troublesome formatting (as long as it wasn’t the scanner initially embedding the formatting).

Open the attachment PDF and print it to PDF – in some cases this may clean up the formatting – then reupload.

Upload a blank sheet as an additional attachment to the submittal and users can stamp and note on the cover sheet in the secondary PDF.

Print out a copy of your submittal cover sheet, edit it, and manually add it to the attachment before uploading.

If you are an administrative user, you can add a separate cover sheet attachment by following these steps:

Open the Submittal Module Configuration page.

In the Cover Sheet section, de-select the Merge Cover Sheet check box and save your change.

Select the submittal.

Select Edit.

Select Save Draft (the system adds the cover sheet as a separate attachment).

Return to the Module Configuration page.

Re-select the Merge Cover Sheet option.