Best Practices for Starting a New Project

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Best Practices for Starting a New Project

Welcome! This topic and the linked PDF give you the information you need to get up and running with a new ConstructEx project.

Tips for Setting up Your ConstructEx Project

Although the PDF lists the setup tasks in the order of best practice, your team may complete the tasks in any order (many of them concurrently).

Most of the modules require some configurations to be set through the Module Configuration menus. This allows you to customize the software to reflect your project. Project Administrators are responsible for these configurations. Other tasks may be completed by other project team members, so assign tasks to others as necessary.

Several tasks are optional. If your team does not plan to use a certain feature, disregard the associated task.

The quickest way to learn is to log into your project and experiment with the features. Test items by uploading information (you can delete all items and documents except Message Forums). If you need help deleting items, visit the help site or contact support via the Customer Community.

Links in the PDF direct you to additional information in the help.


To view/download the full PDF, click here: NCE Best Practices for Starting a New Project.pdf


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