Secondary Reviewer RFI Review Quick Reference Guide

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Secondary Reviewer RFI Review Quick Reference Guide

In-house architectural reviewers, consultants, owners and other secondary reviewers have the ability to review RFIs on the Newforma ConstructEx web-based platform in order to return the documentation to the design team leader. To review an RFI as a secondary reviewer, follow the steps below.

Click here to download a PDF of the reference guide.

Arrive at the RFIs Module

Log into ConstructEx to access the All Projects page.

The first time you log in you will be prompted to complete your profile information. Once your profile is complete you are directed to the All Projects page.

Select the desired project by clicking the project name.

Expand the Construction Administration dropdown menu at the top of the page and select RFIs to open the RFIs module:


View Open RFIs

Select the My Open log from the Logs section in the right panel of the RFIs module.

Select the name of the RFI you want to open.

If you do not see the RFI you plan to review on the list, you have not yet been invited to review it. Contact your Design Team leader (usually the architect or engineer) and ask them to forward the RFI to you.

Return an RFI

The View RFI page provides a synopsis of the RFI data. Scroll to the middle of the page and select Return when you are ready to return the RFI to the design team leader.

On the Return RFI page, review the contractor’s Suggestion, if one is present.

Scroll down to the Answers section to view answers left by other reviewers.

You can attach additional documents to the RFI before returning it to the design team leader. Drag and drop PDF(s) of the RFI documentation to the Drop Files Here section of the page to upload them. Alternately, you can select Browse to browse for the files. Some older browsers do not support drag and drop. If configured, the system automatically adds the project’s cover sheet to the upload.

In Chrome, Browse is replaced by Choose File.

The Existing Attachments section includes any document uploaded to the RFI. Select Add Markups to view the design team markups or to add  your markups. If the entire review team uses the markup tool, the result is a single marked-up document. All design team markups are flattened when the RFI is returned to the construction team. To view a brief video tutorial on using the markup tools, click here.

To simply view the document with the information originally uploaded by the construction team, select the document name.

Cross reference any ConstructEx items as needed.

Enter your answer in the Reviewer’s Answer field.

Select Return if you are ready to return the RFI to the design team leader. The design team leader is notified of the return of the RFI and it is now their responsibility to act on it as needed.

Your markups and review comments are editable until the design team leader returns the RFI to the construction team. To edit your markups and review comments, open the RFI and select Return again.


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