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Sheet/Specification Index Modules

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All Users

Bulk Rename PDF Files

Copy Sheet Index from AutoCAD

Cross Reference Related Items to Sheets and Specifications

Download a Current Set of Drawings or Specifications

Print and View a Sheet or Specification Log

Print a Sheet or Specification Record

Print an Old Sheet Index

Project Administrators

You must be a Project Administrator to perform the following tasks:

Add a Discipline or Category Type to an Index

Add Drawing/Spec to Index

Create a Sheet or Specification Index from the Template

Configure the Sheet/Specification Index

Delete a Sheet or Specification Index

Delete a Sheet or Specification Record

Export Sheet Index Information from Revit

Import a Sheet Index

Import a Specification Index

Import Existing Data

Link Current PDF to Existing Package

More Information

Current Set of PDFs for Drawings and Specs

Sheet Index Module

Specification Index Module