Sample Cover Sheet Documents

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Sample Cover Sheet Documents

Newforma ConstructEx has the ability to automatically add submittal and RFI cover sheets to those documents. It is possible to fully customize these cover sheets for each project if desired. Many project team choose to use our standardized cover sheets, however, because the information available in the system is optimized.

Project Administrators can upload the cover sheets via module configuration. For more information on uploading cover sheets, please see Upload a Submittal Cover Sheet.

Below are some samples of the cover sheets that are most often used. Click on a link to download the cover sheet.

Sample cover sheets

RFI Cover.pdf

Construction Phase Cover – With Adjustments.pdf

Construction Phase Cover – Without Adjustments.pdf

Submittal Cover One Page with Design Team Review.pdf

Submittal Cover One Page Without Design Team Review.pdf

Submittal Cover Two Page With Design Team Review.pdf

Submittal Cover One Page with Sample Stamps and Design Team Review.pdf. Same format as the Submittal Cover One Page with Design Team Review, but includes examples of how form fields can be added to stamps.


Please visit the Customer Community for more information on cover sheet customization.

For additional information, see the Creating Cover Sheets Quick Reference Guide.

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