Resubmittal Tracking

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Resubmittal Tracking

Resubmittal tracking is only available to projects that have automatic numbering enabled. The feature is hidden for projects that use the manual number option. Click here for submittal numbering options.

Resubmittals are linked together based on the spec number, sequential number and revision number. It is important that the numbers are consistent for the resubmittal linking to work.

All resubmittals are tracked through the Requires Resubmittal log, available in the Submittal Logs section of the Submittals module right side navigation pane.

If a submittal is marked Revise and Resubmit or Rejected by the design team, it is considered to be an Open Resubmittal and appears in the Requires Resubmittal log.

If a resubmittal also gets rejected it moves into the Requires Resubmittal log. The series of resubmittals will not be closed until a submittal is marked approved by the design team.

Any open resumbmittals are also reflected in the Submittal Register. That register item is not considered complete until a submittal or its resubmittals are approved.

A Project Administrator can also define which review states require a resubmittal. This can be set on the Module Configuration page.