Project Folders vs. Personal Folders

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7 months ago

Project Folders vs. Personal Folders

Project and personal folders appear in the Shared Folders module.

Personal Folders

Every user of Newforma ConstructEx has their own personal disk space. The personal disk space follows the user from project to project.

Individual users are limited to 250MB of disk space for personal folders.

Personal folders are not shareable with other users of Newforma ConstructEx.

Personal folders are located above shared project folders in the Shared Folders module.

Project Folders

Access to shared project folders is defined by the Project Administrators. If you do not see a project folder you are looking for you need to contact your Project Administrator to gain access.

No specific project data size limit is enforced for the entirety of a project’s folders. However, customers that store significantly more data than average (as compared to other projects or similar overall construction value) may be asked to remove some project content or may be charged an excess data storage fee.

Project Administrators can further define parameters such as uploading, moving, renaming and deleting files within shared folders.