Logging in and Password Management

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Logging In and Password Management

There are various issues that arise out of logging into the system initially and managing your password.

If you need to be added to a project:

Contact your Project Administrator (in most cases, the contractor, architect or engineer you are working with) and they can add you to the project. Once they have added you as a user, you will receive an email with a link to the site, your username (always your email address) and a temporary password.

If you are a Project Administrator, please refer to Add a User for more information.

If you receive a system email without a password:

If you receive an email that looks like this:

You have been linked to the project ‘Project Name’ in Newforma ConstructEx by user ‘Administrator’s Name’ from ‘Administrator’s Company’.

You did not receive a username or password because you are already in the system for another project. Your username and password remain the same. If you go to the login page (http://www.newformaprojectcloud.com), you can enter your username (always your email address) and your current password to access the new project. If you need to reset your password, please refer to the Reset Password section below.


If you are a new user and did not receive your login email with a password:

If your Project Administrator notified you that you have been added to the project, but you did not receive the login email, it is most likely getting caught in junk folders and spam filters. First, please verify that the email is not in your junk folder. If it is not view Email Spam Filter Issues and add the information to your spam safe list. Spam filters are different from your junk mail and you may need to contact your IT team to verify that Newforma ConstructEx has been added to your spam safe list.


If you want to reset your password:

Go to the login page (http://www.newformaprojectcloud.com), enter your username (always your email address) and click the Reset Password link. For mor information, please see Reset a User Password.


If you have reset your password multiple times:

Contact support via the Customer Community, explaining that you have reset your password multiple times, and ask us to manually reset your password.

Once your password is reset, you must wait to receive that password before logging in again. If it has been reset multiple times, often users try to login using password #2, when they have already reset it a third time, etc. Email can be temperamental and delivery depends on several factors – much of which is outside our control, including how the email is treated once it reaches the recipient’s servers. Reset password emails may arrive almost instantly or they may take some time to arrive.


If you are not sure if you have an account in the system:

We can look it up for you. Please contact support via the Customer Community with the project name, your name and your account’s email address. In some cases, administrators enter users with incorrect email addresses.


If you have an existing account and can see your older projects, but cannot see a new project:

The fact that you can log in but cannot see the new project implies that you may have been added to the new project with a different email address. Ask your Project Administrator to verify that the email address they added for the new project matches the username you use to log in.

Your Project Administrators and our support team always have the ability to reset your password. However, as you start working with the software, it is important that you receive automatic notifications from the system as information starts being shared by the project team. It is to your advantage to ensure that system emails (including login emails and password reset emails) are getting through.