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If your project includes shared folders, there are a number of requirements you need to ensure your project data archives as expected. Please see the Shared Folder Setup Guidelines for details.

Newforma can archive completed ConstructEx projects for customers. Archiving removes the project from the active projects list but maintains the project structure and data so users can reference it if needed.

Following is an overview of the process for creating an archive at the end of a project:

The paying customer notifies Newforma via the Customer Community that the project is complete and ready to be archived.

The customer’s main project administrator reviews some information to verify that it is correct. If provided, Newforma includes a photo of the finished project on the cover page of the archive.

Once all necessary information is verified, Newforma creates the archive.

Once the archive is complete, Newforma sends the administrator access information with a hyperlink and specific instructions. When the administrator follows the hyperlink, the entire archive can be downloaded as a zip file. Once downloaded, it needs to be extracted per the instructions.

From that point on, the archive is in an HTML format that is navigated by using any browser (it is not necessary to be online). The navigation is similar to the online experience when the project was active. However, content can no longer be added.

The archive download link remains active for a year and can be kept active longer, if necessary, for a fee. Most users simply download their archive to their server, extract it, and then follow their typical archiving process.

If desired, information can be shared with the project team via the original link. Once the archive is downloaded and extracted, it can also be shared by creating a disc or by using another transfer method.

All project information contained in the archive is available to all entities that have access to the archive. There is no user login to the archive and permission settings that were applicable in the active project are no longer in place.