Advantages of Using a Submittal Register

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7 months ago

Advantages of Using a Submittal Register

Using the Submittal Register has many advantages:

The ability to restrict submittals to the register. In your Submittal Module Configuration you have the ability to restrict submittals to the register. This is helpful in assuring all submittals are numbered and named similarly to reduce the chances of a free-for-all on the subcontractor/contractor side.

The ability to track which submittals are complete/incomplete. By using the Submittal Register View Open and View Complete logs, you can quickly see which submittals are complete (approved and returned) and which are not (not submitted, expecting resubmittal, etc.). You can use the Print Full Log option to export submittal data from these logs, which is one of the most important and useful features of the logs.

To see a list of all expected and received submittals, select the All+Expected log in the Submittals module.

Additional submittal tracking. If you open a specific submittal register item, you can quickly see the status of all submittal types for that section (with a hyperlink to the existing submittals).

Add responsible subcontractors. By viewing the submittal list and clicking on the pencil icon next to the section, you can add a responsible subcontractor if desired. Responsible subcontractors can also be added during the submittal register import.

Send late notices to contractors. If an item on the submittal register is tagged with a Responsible Contractor and a Date Expected, late notices are sent if the item is open beyond its expected date.


In summary, in addition to being able to use the register to spot-check specific items, you can use the logs to export full lists of the incomplete/complete submittals for your use.