View a Comprehensive Submittals Log

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View a Comprehensive Submittals Log

The All+Expected Submittals log includes information on both expected submittals (from the Submittal Register) and received submittals, allowing you to view all submittal information in one place.

All+Expected Log Details

The Status column shows the actual status for an item. For example, a Returned item will show Returned – No Exceptions Taken or Returned – Revise and Resubmit.

Expected submittals have a status of To be Submitted/Resubmitted.

All users see the same list of items in the All+Expected log. However, the normal security rules for the submittals workflow still apply. For example, an architect will see the line item for a contractor’s draft submittal, but will not be able to view any details of the draft.

Subcontractor drafts do not appear in the log.

Overdue items appear in red italics.

Hover over a field to see its complete contents.

Hover over the right edge of the log to see the available tasks (view, print, edit, etc.).

Display of Expected vs. Received Submittals in the All+Expected Log

The All+Expected log has different display rules for expected submittal register items and received submittals when multiple Categories and/or Types are assigned. The following example illustrates how these items appear in the log.

In this example, Masonry needs LEED, Mock-Up, and Product Data (three separate Types) for Building 01 and Building 02 (2 separate Categories). In the All+Expected log, this appears as six separate line items, since it is expected that three submittals need to be submitted for each building:

When the Masonry subcontractor sends in the actual submittals, the display in the All+Expected log updates based on what is included in the submittal. For example, if the subcontractor sends a single submittal that includes the LEED, Mock-Up and Product Data for both Building 01 and Building 02, the actual submittal appears as a single line item in the log with comma separated values in the Category and Type columns:


If the Masonry subcontractor instead sends in two submittals, one for each building, then the actual submittals appear as two separate line items in the log, one for each category:

If the Masonry subcontractor sends in the submittal for Building 01, but has not sent in the submittal for Building 02, the All+Expected log shows the Building 01 items as a single line item (matching the received submittal), but leaves the Building 02 items as separate line items, since a submittal has not been received for these items:


To use the All+Expected log

Select Submittal Logs > All+Expected from the right navigation panel in the Submittals module.

To view the submittal register item for an expected submittal, click the Section number for the item or select the  icon from the right side tasks slide out to open the View Submittal Register Item page.

To view the details of a received submittal, click the submittal Number or select the   icon from the right side tasks slide out to open the View Submittal page.

To view all available data for the log items, select View Full Log at the bottom of the log page. From here, you can manipulate and export the data as needed. See Print and View Logs for more details.