Use Shared Folders to Distribute Bid Documents

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7 months ago

Use Shared Folders to Distribute Bid Documents

The recommended process for sharing bid documents is via the Design/Bid Packages module. From there, you can create and revise design/bid packages, as well as share them with external users via external weblinks.

However, the Shared Folders module can also be used to distribute files to bidding contractors or any external users that do not have a ConstructEx username or password.

To use shared folders to distribute bid documents

Create the shared folder structure and upload files to the folders.

We recommend creating zip files of the files to include in the folders prior to uploading for the convenience of the bidding contractors.

Right click on the first tier folder and select Sharing from the popup menu to create an external weblink. For details on the process of creating an external weblink, please see Send Shared Folder Files to External Users.