Upload Files to Shared Folders

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Upload Files to Shared Folders

Perform the following steps to add files to a shared folder.

To upload files to a shared folder

Select the folder you want to add files to in the Shared Folders module.

Drag and drop files to the right side of the Shared Folders module, or click Browse to browse for files.

In Chrome, Browse is replaced by Choose File.

If the Drop Files or Browse text does not appear when you open the folder, it is because you do not have upload rights to that folder. Contact the Project Administrator to add upload permissions to your user account.

You can upload a maximum of 50 files at a time to a shared folder. If you try to upload more than 50 files at once, the system displays a warning.

There are additional considerations when uploading large files. Please see Upload Large Files to Shared Folders for more information.

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