Reopen a Submittal

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Reopen a Submittal

In most cases, it is not recommended to reopen a submittal. Once reopened, the design team has the ability to alter their original comments and if the contractor has proceeded based on those comments, it can become problematic.

You must be a Project Administrator to reopen a submittal.

To reopen a submittal

Scroll down and select Reopen Submittal on the View Submittal page.

This button is only visible on returned and closed submittals.

What Happens When a Submittal is Reopened?

When a submittal is returned from the design team to the construction team, editing rights are removed for all user roles. Deactivating these tools prevents users from inadvertently making changes to the returned submittal.

Reopening the submittal changes the status of the submittal from Returned to Open and the submittal is time-stamped.

Reopening the submittal reactivates the review tools for the design team and consultants.

Existing markups cannot be edited or deleted.

Once the submittal is reopened, the design team must complete the return process again.

If a submittal is a contractor draft and it is closed it cannot be reopened as a draft. If the submittal is reopened, it moves to the Open state, which means the design team sees it and the contractor cannot edit it.

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