Reopen a Design/Bid Package

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Reopen a Design/Bid Package

Reopening a package is different from creating a revision. We recommend you create a revision if you want to retain the entire original package. Use the reopen option to fix typos or errors in the package or to delete it from the system, if necessary.

After a package is issued, the editing functionality is disabled. Reopening an issued package changes it to a Draft state and enables the editing function.

You must be a Project Administrator to reopen an issued package.

To reopen a design/bid package

Click the icon next to the package in the Design/Bid Packages module.

Scroll to the bottom of the View Document page and select Reopen Issued Document. Confirm that you want to reopen the package.

The package is reopened. Edit and Delete buttons are now available at the bottom of the page.

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