Purge an Existing Spatial Index

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6 months ago

Purge an Existing Spatial Index

You can purge unreferenced items from an existing Spatial Index if needed.

You must be a Project Administrator to perform this task.

To purge an existing Spatial Index

Right click on the following link and use your browser’s “Save As” option to download the template file: BLANK – ConstructEx Spatial Index Template.txt.

Select Administration > Module Configuration from the right navigation panel in the Spatial Index module.

Scroll to the bottom of the Spatial Index Configuration page and select Import Index.

On the Import Spatial Index page, click Browse and select the template you downloaded in step 1.

Click Upload, then select the Delete Existing Unreferenced Spatial Index Entries check box.

Click Process. The system indicates that 0 unique spaces are added. If you review your index, you should see that all unreferenced spaces were removed.

If items remain in your index, they are being referenced by a Quality Control Item. If they need to be removed, you will need to delete or reassociate the space in the QC item.

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