Print an Old Sheet Index

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6 months ago

Print an Old Sheet Index

Newforma ConstructEx does not include a specific feature to create an old index, but you can use the system to extract one if you need to.

To print an old Sheet Index

Click Download Current Set at the bottom of the Sheet Index module.

Select the date of the old index you would like to extract in the As of Date field.

Select the content from the Current PDF and Package columns, then copy it and paste it into Excel.

Clean up the data as needed:

Copy columns B and C to a new sheet to eliminate the check boxes.

Remove divisions using Find and Replace to replace “01 Architectural/” with nothing, etc.

Remove information after the / mark by creating a new column next to the Sheet column and entering =LEFT(A1,SEARCH(“/”,A1)-1).

Change your results to static text by selecting the column and pressing Ctrl+C. Right click on the column and select Paste Values.

The resulting data should look similar to the following: