Notify Users of Changes in the Midst of a Review

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Notify Users of Changes in the Midst of a Review

If changes occur during a submittal or RFI review and you want to notify reviewers via ConstructEx, you can use the Message Forums module to do so.

Because the reviewer already has access to the submittal or RFI, you cannot re-invite them to review the item.

To notify users of changes during a review

Select Add Message in the Message Forums module.

On the Add Message page, select the Message Category and enter the Subject and Message content.

Select the user you want to notify from the Notify Users By Email checklist.

In the References section, link the submittal or RFI if desired.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Send Message. The selected user is notified.

The reviewer can locate the submittal or RFI on the All Open log, then use the icon to adjust their response and attachments as needed.

For more information on reviewing a submittal, please see Review a Submittal as a Consultant/Reviewer.