Modify Access Permissions for Constructon Document Types

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6 months ago

Modify Access Permissions for Construction Document Types

Perform the following steps to modify access permissions for construction phase document types.

You must be a Project Administrator to modify access permissions for construction phase document types.

Blocking access for a user means they cannot see any documents associated with that type. If a user finds the document via a reference and clicks the link they will see an error message.

To modify access permissions for a construction phase document type

Select Administration > Module Configuration from the Construction Phase Documents module.

From the Module Configuration page, scroll to the Document Types section.

Click Permissions in the Access column to add/remove users.

Select or deselect the checkbox for users as needed in the Add/Remove Users popup, then select Update and Close.

By default, all users have access to a document type. A Project Administrator must remove their access.

Please note that Project Administrators cannot permanently hide document types from other Project Administrators. For example, the Project Administrator from the construction team can hide the type from the Project Administrator from the design team. However, the design team Project Administrator can give themselves permission to the document type.

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