Manage the Change Order Process

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Manage the Change Order Process

Within Newforma ConstructEx, the design team can issue Proposal Requests, the contractor can respond with Change Order Requests/Potential Change Orders, and a final Change Order can be issued. A number of factors need to be considered to successfully manage the change order process:

Document type terminology can be customized by a Project Administrator to accommodate the workflow. For more information, please see Add/Edit Custom Construction Phase Document Types.

In each case we recommend that you use the Document Status feature to track where the document is in review. For more information, please see Set the Document Review Status.

Reopening documents is not recommended. Reopening is meant for fixing typos or errors in the document. If a change needs to be made we recommend creating a revised document. This maintains the history of the documentation. The last two digits of the document number are designated for the revision number.

We recommend that related documents be cross referenced so that change order history can be easily tracked.

The Message Forums module can be used to record a separate discussion related to the document process. We recommend cross referencing the messages to the documents to maintain the history.


To manage the change order process

The design team adds a Proposal Request (PR) in the Construction Phase Documents module.

Next, the contractor submits a Potential Change Order (PCO) or a Change Order Request (COR). The contractor enters the submitted costs in Adjustment to Project Budget section at the bottom of the page, using the Requested Contract Sum Adjustment and/or Requested Time Adjustment fields. This information is then totaled on the project Budget page.

For more information, please see Track Costs and Schedule Changes.

Finally, the Change Order (CO) is posted as a separate document. This can be done by the owner, contractor or design team. At the bottom of the CO form the Approved Contract Sum Adjustment and/or Approved Time Adjustment values can be entered. This information becomes part of the information included on the project Budget page.