Login Instructions for New Users

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Login Instructions for New Users

When a user is added to Newforma ConstructEx, they automatically receive an email with login instructions that includes the following:

A link to the ConstructEx login page.

A temporary password. The password expires after the user logs in for the first time.

You must be a Project Administrator to add a user to a project. Click here to learn more.

To log into ConstructEx as a new user

Click the link to the Login Page from the invitation email, as shown below:

On the ConstructEx Login page, enter your email and the temporary password, then click Log In.

The temporary password expires once you log in. If your internet browser prompts you to save your temporary password, select No.

On the My Profile page, enter a new password.

Your password must be at least 14 characters long. No special characters are required.

Enter any other required information as needed, then scroll down and click Save Changes.

If a user does not receive the login instructions email, it is most likely trapped in a spam filter or the email address is misspelled. Click here for information on adding Newforma ConstructEx to your spam safe list.

If the email address is spelled incorrectly the Project Administrator may edit the user’s profile. Click here for editing user profiles.