Insert a Submittal Cover Sheet/Stamp Sheet

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Insert a Submittal Cover Sheet/Stamp Sheet

For information on uploading a submittal cover sheet, please see Upload a Submittal Cover Sheet.

Through the configuration of the Submittals module, a Project Administrator may include an automated PDF cover sheet. This removes the need for subcontractors and contractors to manually add a PDF cover sheet. You may choose to merge the cover sheet with each PDF or have it uploaded as a separate attachment through the Module Configuration. Please email your custom PDF to support via the Customer Community and our staff will map the data fields into the PDF. The PDF inserts the data (number, title, etc.) into the PDF cover sheet.

The PDF cover sheet function is triggered in three instances:

When a subcontractor sends the draft submittal to the general contractor or construction manager.

When the general contractor or construction manager saves a draft submittal.

When the general contractor or construction manager forwards the submittal to the design team.

Any data (due dates, spec sections, etc.) within the PDF that was originally added by a subcontractor automatically updates if any edits were made by the general contractor or construction manager.

It is recommended that the contractor save the submittal as a draft if additional information needs to be added to the cover sheet through the integrated web-based markup tools. Click here to view information on the markup tools.

Construction team users may see a slight decrease in performance when uploading a submittal PDF with a cover sheet. This is due to the additional time required for the system to process the new PDF with the integrated cover sheet.

Dynamic Cover Sheet Through the Entire Review Process

There is an option to make the cover sheet dynamic through the entire review process. This setting can be found under the Submittal Cover Sheet section of the Module Configuration.

Once enabled, the cover sheet updates itself when the submittal is returned to the contractor. This allows the cover to include quite a bit of additional information – it can include the review status, the reviewer, all reviewer comments, etc. This information automatically updates onto the original cover sheet, which can be a great time saver. The software can also fill out the architect’s stamp for them. The cover sheet updates one last time when the contractor closes the submittal to the subcontractor.

Please note that there are a few items that should be taken into consideration when enabling this option:

If the design team uploads an item, it will not add a cover sheet to the PDF upon return to the construction team; instead it attaches the cover sheet as a separate attachment. This enables the design team to use the markup tools on the document.

If the design team downloads the original information, marks it up and re-uploads it, the cover sheet that is part of the re-uploaded submittal is no longer dynamic and will not update.