Import the Submittal Register into Your Project

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Import the Submittal Register into Your Project

You must be a Project Administrator to import a submittal register.

Perform the following steps to import a submittal register using the Newforma ConstructEx Excel template.

Best practice is to import the submittal register before uploading any submittals to the project.

We recommend following the three help articles below in order to ensure a successful import:

Step 1: Create a Submittal Register from the Template

Step 2: Configure the Submittal Module and Prepare the Template for Import

Step 3: Import the Submittal Register


To import the submittal register

Now that the template is complete and saved as a .txt file, the next step is to import the text file into your project.

To watch a short video of the import process, click here.

Ensure that your submittal register does not contain duplicates of items already present in ConstructEx. Duplicate items will create duplicate entries on the submittal register.

Open the .txt file.

Note the number of rows in the file and verify that the number of rows matches the number of rows in the template.

Delete any blank rows from the bottom of the text file. Blank rows will create blank register items during upload.

Remove all quotation marks from the text file. Use the Find and Replace feature to search for them.

We strongly recommend that you search for quotation marks, even if you do not immediately see any. Note that you may need to repeat the search multiple times.

Save the file again as a Text(Tab Delimited)(*.txt) file.

Select Yes to keep the workbook in the text format.

Close the .txt file and, when prompted, select Don’t Save.

From the Submittals module, click Submittal Register>Import Submittal Register at the bottom of the right side column.

On the Import Submittal Register page, click Choose File. Browse to your submittal register template text file.

Click Upload to process the file.

If your register imports correctly, a green bar appears at the top of the page with the number of items imported.

To confirm, cross-check the number of lines imported with the number of lines of data in your Excel file.

If there are any issues with the import, an error message appears and no records are imported.

Copy and paste the error messages into another document for your reference.

Make corrections to your Excel file as needed and repeat the process to create the text file. Once you have corrected the errors, repeat the import process.

If you selected the Other column and did not place an entry in the Other Type Label column, the file will import; however the software will notify you that the label is missing for the item.


The final step is to enable the automation of the submittal register in the project:

In the Submittals module, select Administration>Module Configuration.

Scroll down to the Submittal Numbering Configuration section.

Select the Restrict Specification Section to Submittal Register Entries checkbox. This enables use of the submittal register.

Click Save Settings below the Submittal Numbering Configuration section.


Once the register is in place, any project administrators can edit the register with the following tools:

Submittal Register grid tool

Edit a Submittal Register item

Add a Submittal Register item