Import Existing Data

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Import Existing Data

Below are the spreadsheet template links for the Sheet Index, Specification Index and Submittal Register. If you want to import a sheet or specification index, please see Create a Sheet or Specification Index from the Template to get started. To import a submittal register, see Create a Submittal Register from the Template.


Spreadsheet templates

Sheet Index (Drawing Index) Template

Specification Index Template

Submittal Register Template


Sheet and Specification Index recommendations

We do not recommend issuing document sets for the sheets or specs until the indexes are imported.

After the indexes are imported, watch the Maintaining a Current Set of Drawings and Specifications video for information about uploading PDFs and automatically linking them to the indexes. The Design/Bid Package Origination Quick Reference Guide is also a helpful resource.

The PDFs are uploaded to the Design/Bid Packages module and not to the Shared Folders. Shared folders are for file sharing only and do not link to the index.

Submittal Register recommendations

We do not recommend uploading any submittals to the project until the submittal register is imported.


Feel free to contact us via the Customer Community with any questions.

For information on importing Spatial Index data, please see Import a Spatial Index.

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