Forward an RFI to a Consultant/Secondary Reviewer Twice

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Forward an RFI to a Consultant/Secondary Reviewer Twice

For information on forwarding an RFI to a consultant/secondary reviewer for the first time, please see Forward an RFI to Consultants, Engineers, and Owner Reviewers.

Once a consultant/secondary reviewer has been invited to an RFI they can add comments and markups as much as needed before returning it. Multiple review sessions can take place.

Once the RFI is returned to the construction team, no design team user can add markups or review comments. The RFI must be reopened before additional changes can be made.

The consultant/secondary reviewer does not need to be invited a second time.

To forward an RFI  to a consultant/secondary reviewer twice

Reopen the RFI that requires additional changes. Any consultants/secondary reviewers who originally had permissions to review the RFI automatically have permissions to the reopened RFI.

The consultant/secondary reviewer selects the icon to make edits to the RFI and return it.

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