Export Submittal Print Summary with Attachments

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Export Submittal Print Summary with Attachments

If you’re a Project Admin – Contractor (PAC), Project Admin – Design (PAD), or Project Admin – Owner (PAO), you can download the print summary for a submittal and its PDF attachments as a single PDF. This makes it easier to download and share information as needed with team members who may not be on the system.

Export Print Summary only works with PDF attachments

To export a submittal print summary with attachments

View a submittal.

Scroll down and click Export Print Summary.

The system combines the print summary and any attached PDFs into a single PDF file and makes it available for viewing and download.

To configure the export print summary file name format

You have the option to configure the format of the export print summary PDF file name.

Click Export Print Summary File Name Format at the bottom of the Submittal Logs section in the right panel.

On the file format name page, click in the Select Labels field to add submittal field values (such as Submittal Number) to the file name:

Type any static values (i.e., "Project") directly in the field and press Enter.

You can enter values for the RFI export print summary file name format as well if desired.

Click Submit to save your changes.

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