Export Spatial Index Information from Revit

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Export Spatial Index Information from Revit

Exporting spatial index information from Revit to use in Newforma ConstructEx is a two step process. First, you insert one of the customized schedules (attached below) into your Revit model. Next, you export the schedule with your project’s information for easy import into Newforma ConstructEx.

To insert a new Schedule View into your Revit model

Download the file below and select the appropriate Revit project based on your version of Revit:

Revit to ConstructEx

Within your existing Revit project, select the Insert tab in the ribbon bar. In the Import section, select Insert from File > Insert Views from File.

Select the downloaded Revit project and click Open. The Insert Views dialog box lists the views that are saved with the project.

Select Show All Views and Sheets from the Views dropdown.

Select the checkbox for the view you want to insert and click OK.

A new schedule view is created in the Project Browser with all the saved formatting of the original schedule, and all the parameter fields for that schedule.

Do not create Grouped headers for this schedule.

You do not need to sort the schedule.


To export a schedule for use in Newforma ConstructEx

Open the Schedule Properties window and select any additional fields you wish to export. At a minimum, Number and Name (or their equivalents in your project) are required.

From the main Revit menu, select Export > Reports and select the schedule you want to export.

Enter a name and select a save location. Select Save.

In the resulting dialog, select the following Output Options for the file:

Select ‘(tab)’ as the field delimiter

Select " as the text qualifier

Click OK to export the schedule.

Open your file in Excel.

Save the file as a Text (Tab Delimited) (*.txt) file. The file must be in this format to import into ConstructEx.

Select Yes to keep the workbook in the text format.

Close the .txt file and select Don’t Save.

Open the .txt file in Notepad or another text file viewer. Verify that the first two rows of the file are the header information from the template, as shown here:

Proceed to Import a Spatial Index for instructions to import the index into ConstructEx.

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