Edit Draft Construction Phase Document Packages

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Edit Draft Construction Phase Document Packages

When a construction phase document package is in a draft state, members of the team can edit it as needed.

The design, construction and owner’s teams each have their own drafts. Each team can only see their own drafts. For example, the design team cannot see construction team drafts.

To edit a draft construction phase document package

Select the appropriate draft log (i.e., Design Team Drafts) from the right navigation panel of the Construction Phase Documents module.

Select the icon next to the draft package you want to edit.

Make changes as needed on the Edit Package page, then scroll to the bottom and select Save Draft or Issue as needed.

If you are editing the attached files, click Manage Attachments and select Refresh Linking in the Attachments and Sheet Linking dialog box. You can then update the links as needed.

For additional information, please see Add a Construction Phase Document Package.

Once a document package is issued, it cannot be edited. You must revise or reopen the package to make changes.