Edit an RFI Response/Attachment from Consultant (Reviewer)

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Edit an RFI Response/Attachment from Consultant (Reviewer)

If the RFI is still open, the consultant can use the return option again to edit their response and attachments.

A consultant’s response/attachment can only be edited by the consultant that added it.

Once the RFI is returned back to the construction team the consultant can no longer make edits. An RFI must be reopened before the consultants can edit their response.

To edit an RFI Response/Attachment from a consultant (reviewer)

Select the icon next to the RFI in the RFIs module, or select Return from the View RFI page.

Make any changes as needed on the Return RFI page.

For additional information, please see Return an RFI.

Select Save if you are not ready to return the RFI or Return if you are ready to return the RFI.

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