Delete Attachments from RFIs

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Delete Attachments from RFIs

Perform the following steps to delete attachments from an RFI.

Who Can Delete an Attachment?

When an RFI is in draft mode with subcontractors or contractors, an attachment can be deleted by its author or any contractor user role. Once the RFI is official and is sent to the design team, the attachments can no longer be edited or deleted from the RFI.

Design team user roles cannot delete attachments submitted by the construction team.

When an RFI is ‘open’ (sent from the contractor to the design team), the design team users may delete their own attachments.

Design team users can only delete their own attachments. For example, if a consultant adds an attachment it cannot be deleted by an architect. Only the author of the attachment may delete it from an RFI in an open status.

Once an RFI is returned to the contractor the attachments cannot be deleted by any user.


To delete attachments from an RFI

Select the option to forward or return the RFI.

Scroll down to the Existing Attachments section and select the trash can icon next to the attachment you want to delete.

Save the RFI.

The attachment is not deleted until you save the document.

Important: Once an attachment is deleted it cannot be recovered.