Remove a User from a Project

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Remove a User from a Project

Perform the following steps to remove a user from a project.

You must be a Project Administrator to remove a user from a project.

To remove a user from a project

Select the gear icon in the upper right corner of the interface, then select Project Team.

From the Project Team page, select the icon next to the user’s name.

To remove a user’s access to certain modules, clear the user’s check boxes for those modules on the Project Team page.

Removing a user does not remove their content within the program, only their access to the project.

Users who are removed from a project will continue to receive emails from ConstructEx on active items for which they previously received notifications. For example, if a user is removed from a project while a submittal they were included on is still moving through the system, the user continues to receive notifications for that submittal.

If a user did not receive their login information from Newforma ConstructEx, it will not help to delete them and re-add them to a project. Most likely, the email containing their login information was blocked by their spam filter. Visit the spam filter section of help for additional information.

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