Delete an Attachment from a Returned RFI

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Delete an Attachment from a Returned RFI

If the design team has returned an RFI with an incorrect attachment, although you can no longer delete the attachment, there are two ways to remedy the situation:

The recommended method is to contact the construction team and create a revised RFI. This keeps all of the history about the document in the system.

Deleting and re-adding the RFI is the second option, but this is not typically recommended, as you may remove some information from the system in the process. However, this option may be useful in some scenarios. Deleting and re-adding can only be done by a Project Administrator.

To contact the construction team and create a revised RFI

Contact the construction team. If they have received incorrect information, they should be notified as soon as possible.

Ask the construction team to create a revised RFI for the RFI in question.

Once you receive the revised RFI, reply with the corrected information.


Download any RFI attachments that should be part of the RFI.

Select the Print Summary page and save the document as a PDF.

Reopen the original RFI.

Delete the RFI (this removes it entirely from the system and it is not recoverable).

In the right navigation panel of the RFI module, select Administration > Add RFI Manually.

Using the saved summary page, populate the RFI information back into the system. See Add Existing RFIs for more information.