Create Message Categories

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Create Message Categories

Message categories can be used to filter messages and set access permissions to certain messages. When creating a message, select the category and it displays a list of users that will have access to the message.

You must be a Project Administrator to create message categories.

To create message categories

Select Add Category from the right navigation panel of the Message Forums module.

Enter the name for the new message category in the Title field.

Click Next.

In the Access Permissions section, select the users you want to have access to the message category. To select all users with a specific role, select the checkbox next to that role. Users included in the category see all messages in the forum, regardless of whether or not they were notified by email for a specific message.

Project Administrators on the team that created the category can edit permissions for categories created by that team. The originator of the category can also edit the category permissions, even if they have since changed teams.

You must be a design team Project Administrator or Architect to edit the General category permissions. See Edit Permissions for the General Message Category for more information.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save.

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