Create a Spatial Index from the Template

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Create a Spatial Index from the Template

Perform the following steps to import a spatial index using the Excel template.

Unique identifier requirement

To import correctly, each entry in the spatial index must be unique. If the system detects duplicates, the items are not imported to the spatial index.

The two required fields, Name and Number, are used to determine whether or not an entry is unique. Non-required fields (Level, Space Type, etc.) are not considered. Therefore, it is critical that the combination of Name and Number values be unique for each item you wish to import.

To create a spatial index from the template

Click the following link to download the spatial index import template: Newforma_ConstructEx_spatial_index_template.xls.

Enter your project information into the template, taking care not to change information in Rows 1 and 2 or the formatting of the file.

Once the template is filled out, save your file as an Excel file.

Save the file again, this time as a Text (Tab Delimited) (*.txt) file.

Select Yes to keep the workbook in the text format.

Close the .txt file and select Don’t Save.

Open the .txt file in Notepad or another text file viewer. Verify that the first two rows of the file are the header information from the template, as shown here:

Proceed to Import a Spatial Index to import your index.

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