Create a Revision Package

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Create a Revision Package

You can create a revised package to track changes to an issued package without modifying the original document. The steps below apply to both construction phase document packages and design/bid packages.

Creating a revision is different from reopening a package. Click here for more information on reopening packages.

To create a revised package

Scroll down to the Issued Packages section of the Summary page in the Construction Phase Documents or Design/Bid Packages module.

 Click the R icon next to the package you want to create a revision for. You can also select Create New Revision Document from the View Document page.

Creating a revision maintains the sequential numbering for the package and increases the revision number by one. The system automatically increases the revision number for each subsequent revised package.

Below is an example of revised package numbering:

  • Original package: ASI-0001-00

  • Revised package: ASI-0001-01

  • Second revised package: ASI-0001-02

Enter the information for the revised package as needed on the Revise Package page. The revision number is automatically incremented.

Click Save Draft or Issue at the bottom of the page. The system automatically links the original package with the revised package.