Configure the Spatial Index

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Configure the Spatial Index Module

Perform the following steps to configure the Spatial Index module.

You must be a Project Administrator to perform this task.

To configure the Spatial Index module

Select Administration > Module Configuration from the right navigation panel of the Spatial Index module.

In the Edit Level section of the Spatial Index Configuration page, enter a value in the Add New Level field.

Select Save Settings in the Edit Level section.

Continue adding more levels as needed. If necessary, adjust the order by clicking and dragging the crosshairs to the left of the levels.

Items can be deleted using the trash can to the right of the item. If the trash can is not present, the level is being used within the project and cannot be deleted.

Define the Space Type items for the Spatial Index module in the same way you defined levels.

Import your index. Refer to Import a Spatial Index for more information.

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