Configure the RFIs Module

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Configure the RFIs Module

RFIs module configuration video:

Configure the RFIs Module

Configuration Tasks

There are several items to consider when configuring the RFIs module. Depending on how you plan to use RFIs, not all of the items will be required in your configuration. Click the links below to view details on performing the task.

Configure RFI Categories. Use categories for subsections of the project that need to be tracked.

Configure RFI Trades/Disciplines. Use trades/disciplines to route information to the right reviewers. You can auto-forward RFIs to specific users based on the trades. You can also auto-notify users when an RFI is closed based on the assigned trade.

Add RFI Types. Add and edit RFI types.

Upload an RFI Cover Sheet. Upload a cover sheet to be automatically included with RFIs.

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