Auto-Notify Users of New/Returned Submittals

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Auto-Notify Users of New/Returned Submittals

The auto-notification feature is used to predefine distribution lists that can include any users on the project. For example, the project owner may want to be copied on the automated email notifications for all returned submittals. This function allows for predefining those notifications so users don’t have to manually select notification recipients each time a submittal is sent or returned.

You must be a Project Administrator to configure auto-notification settings.

For information on automatically forwarding submittals to design consultants, view Auto-Forward Submittals to Consultants, Engineers and Owner Reviewers.

Perform the following steps to configure auto-notification for submittals.

To auto-notify users of new/returned submittals

Select Administration>Module Configuration from the right navigation panel in the Submittals module.

On the Submittal Configuration page, scroll to the bottom of the Submittal Configuration section and click Add/Remove Users in the Submittals Issued to the Design/Review Team and Submittals Returned to the Construction Team sections. Select users as needed from the Add/Remove Users popup and click Update and Close.

Click Save Settings at the bottom of the Submittal Configuration section to save your changes.

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