Answer an RFI as a Consultant/Reviewer

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Answer an RFI as a Consultant/Reviewer

Perform the following steps to answer an RFI as a consultant/reviewer.

To answer an RFI as a consultant/reviewer

Click the icon next to the RFI you want to review from the RFIs module.

If you do not see the return icon, you have not been invited to review the RFI.

On the Return RFI page, add and markup any attachments as needed.

A maximum of 50 attachments can be uploaded to an RFI.

Scroll down and enter your comments in the Reviewer’s Answer section.

Select Return at the bottom of the section to automatically notify the design team leader that you have reviewed the RFI.

Need to let additional design team members know you’re returning the RFI? Select Return with Notification instead of Return and select more team members to notify.

Markups and review comments remain editable until the design team lead returns the RFI to the construction team. Simply select Return again and use the Add Markups button or edit the text within the Reviewer’s Answer section.

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