Allow Subcontractors to View RFIs

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Allow Subcontractors to View RFIs

Perform the following steps to allow subcontractors to view RFIs.

To allow subcontractors to view RFIs

Before a subcontractor can view an RFI response it must first be closed/returned by a contractor user.

Although the RFI is officially closed when the design team returns it, the contractor must perform an additional step before subcontractors can view the RFI response.

As the contractor, click the icon next to the RFI in the RFIs module.

On the Close RFI page, enter any final information as needed.

Select Close RFI. The RFI is now visible to subcontractors.

A Final Answer field is provided if additional direction needs to be given to the subcontractor.

When closing an RFI additional attachments can be added.

You can send email notifications to users by selecting the Add/Edit Notification Users link and selecting users as needed.

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