Add and Edit User Groups

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5 months ago

Add and Edit User Groups

Notifications are an important part of keeping team members up-to-date in ConstructEx, but it can be tedious to select the same users each time.

As an alternative, Project Administrators can create user groups that can then be quickly selected as notification recipients.

To add a user group

Go to the Project Team module and click Groups:

On the Groups List page, click Add Group in the upper right corner:

To edit an existing group, click the pencil icon to the right of the group. Alternately, click on the Group Name in the list, then select Edit.

On the Create Group page, enter a name and description for the group:

Click Add/Remove Users to select the team members to include in the group. Click Update and Close in the Add/Remove users dialog to save your selections.

Click Save to save the group. The group will now appear in the Add/Remove Users dialog when selecting users to receive notifications.