Add an Electronic Submittal Stamp

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7 months ago

Add an Electronic Submittal Stamp

Perform the following steps to add an electronic submittal stamp.

You can insert JPG, PNG, GIF and TIF files as submittal stamps.

To add an electronic submittal stamp

Select  in the viewer toolbar. Select Browse or Choose File in the Select an Image dialog box to browse to the desired stamp image, then click OK.

The stamp is added to the document. Click and drag to position and resize the stamp as needed.

Once the stamp is added it can only be moved, edited or deleted by its author. You can view the author’s name by hovering your mouse over the stamp.

Click the Save Markups icon once you have added your stamp and comments.

Once the submittal/RFI has been returned it cannot be altered unless the submittal has been reopened.



Contractor and subcontractor users must first upload the PDF and save the submittal/RFI as a draft before adding markups to the PDF.

Please reference the Using the Markup Tools video if you would like to see a demonstration of adding an electronic submittal stamp.