Add a Submittal as a Contractor

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Add a Submittal as a Contractor

Perform the following steps to add a submittal as a contractor.

For details on adding a submittal as a subcontractor, click here.

Who Can Add a Submittal?

A subcontractor may issue a submittal to a contractor.

Only contractor users can forward submittals to the architect or design team leader. Contractor users may not bypass the architect or design team leader to send submittals directly to design consultants.

The architect or design team leader may also manually add a submittal.

Subcontractor users may send submittals to contractor users, which then get forwarded to the design team.


To add a submittal

Click Add Submittal in the Submittals module.

On the Add a New Submittal page, enter the general information for the submittal including the Specification Section and Submittal Title.

If the project includes a Submittal Register, click the Select Number from Register link to select the Specification Section value.

The Date Received/Sent is the date the submittal is transferred from the construction team to the design team.

The Requested Due Date is automatically filled in based on the default due date defined within the module configuration. You can overwrite the date if more or less time is required for review by the design team.

The project must be configured to allow construction team members to adjust the date. Only Project Administrators can adjust the Default Due Date.

Select the Submittal Type and other values as desired.

Upload attachments to the submittal.

A maximum of 50 attachments can be uploaded to a submittal.

If you want to utilize the built-in markup tools you must first save the submittal as a draft so the PDF can be uploaded. The Add Markups button will then be available.

Cross reference the submittal to other items within the project as needed.

Add any Review Comments to give direction to the design team.

Select the design team member you want to forward the submittal to from the list.

Save the submittal using one of the following options:

Save Draft saves a draft of the submittal, allowing you to continue working on the submittal before sending it to the design team.

You must save the submittal as a draft if you want to notify other contractors that a draft is available.

Send sends the submittal to the design team. Once you have sent the submittal, it can no longer be edited by the construction team.

Notify Additional Architects sends the submittal to the selected architect and lets you select additional design team members to notify. For additional details, see Notify Multiple Architects of a Submittal as a Contractor.

Click here to watch the Adding a Submittal as a Subcontractor or Contractor video.

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