Meeting Minutes Module

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Meeting Minutes Module

Use this module to view and create meeting minutes for project meetings.

Main Panel

The main panel of the Meeting Minutes module displays logs of available meetings. When you first access the module, the All Meetings log appears. The following items appear in the main panel of the Meeting Minutes module:

Log Table

Displays the title, date and type of all meetings that meet the log criteria. Click on a column header to sort by that value.

Print Results

Select Print Results to print the contents of the currently displayed log.


When you roll over a meeting, a list of action icons appears to the right of the meeting, as shown here:

The icons that appear depend on your user role and whether or not you created the meeting.

The following actions are available for meetings:

View opens the View Meeting page.

Edit opens the Edit Meeting page.

The Edit option is only available to the meeting author and Project Administrators.

Delete deletes the meeting.

The Delete option is only available to the meeting author and Project Administrators.


Navigation Panel

The following options are available in the navigation panel:

Add Meeting

Select to add a new meeting.


A list of available meeting logs. Select any of the logs listed in this section to view it in the main panel.

View All Meetings

Single list of all meetings.

Logs by Meeting Type

Each log displays all meetings of the selected type. A log is available for each defined meeting type.


This option is available only to administrators.

Module Configuration

Opens the Module Configuration page, where Project Administrators can add meeting types.



To access this module

Select Project Communication > Meetings.